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Absolutely Delicious

I have been hunting for a great chilli paste and this has become a firm favourite. I eat it with almost anything!

- Michelle

The Best Peri-Peri Sauce. Period.

I bought this sauce when I was in South Africa 2 years ago, gave it to a friend, and then could not find it anywhere until I found Mbare. This is my favorite sauce, hands down.

- Sean Louis Trischka

Sweet & Tart

The orange marmalade is delicious! It has a wonderful texture, with a little orange peel in it, and a great combination of sweet and tart orange flavors.

- Jim

Pleasantly hot, and an excellent vibrant colour

My niece buys me these products for Christmas. Firstly she has bought me a number of pestos, and more recently the 3 chilli bottle set. I have to say, this cayenne sauce is my favourite. Pleasantly hot, and an excellent vibrant colour. It's really good that these products help the women who make them.

- Marco-AntĆ³nio

We love this Peri-Peri Sauce!

This is the second time I've ordered it and my husband and I use it in Peri-Peri chicken, vegetables, for dipping, and more. The sauce has the right blend of spices with a touch of heat that gives it that distinct Peri-Peri goodness. And you know you are helping those who made it in eSwatini. It takes us right back to beautiful South Africa, where we love to visit. I'll no doubt be ordering more!

- Lucinda Cockrell


This jalapeno hot sauce is amazing! It has a delicious flavor and brings the heat without burning your face off. It's hard to find sauces that go with everything, this one is a winner! Also Black Mamba is an incredible company that does amazing work in Swaziland, using local fresh ingredients and creating jobs in their community. I have been a fan of their cayenne chilli sauce for years and am glad I tried this one too! Also makes a great gift!!!!

- Mary S.

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