Taste those fresh chilli flavours in our sauces? You can thank Nontobeko for that. And Thuli. And all the small farmers who grow delicious organic produce for Black Mamba, who make it so dangerously tasty!

Organically grown

We believe passionately in making products that are good-for-you, good-for-the-earth, and good for the rural communities we work with. To achieve this we source our fresh ingredients through Guba, a local permaculture training organisation. Guba manages a growing network of over 50 smallholder farmers who grow fresh organic herbs and chillies for Black Mamba's products through regenerative farming methods. The direct positive impact of this partnership reaches over 1,000 individuals in Eswatini! 

Community benefit

Most of the growers from our value chain, as well as our production team in our Heatquarters are women (yes, we are gender-biased!) and the bread winners and responsible for several people within their families and communities. Thanks to their hard work, they are overcoming the challenges of HIV, drought and poverty, to write a new story for the future.

The growers share their organic farming knowledge with at least 10 other people in their communities, helping to promote food security, and improve the soil fertility and biodiversity of our beautiful Eswatini.

For a Greener Planet

Besides the use of green agriculture that contributes to restoring the earth, we try to minimize our environmental footprint by using packaging that is either widely recyclable or biodegradable: all our dangerously tasty products are packed in glass, and our bottles and jars are packed in cardboard boxes. All the fresh produce leftovers are returned to our partner in green Guba, to be used to feed animals or to create compost. Virtuous cycle at its hottest!