At Black Mamba we are very proud to be a fair trade enterprise that treads lightly on the earth, provides safe and sustainable employment to talented women from vulnerable communities, and contributes to an earth-first organic supply chain that upskills and empowers small Eswatini farmers.

We like our products to taste good and do good for people and the planet. After all, if you aren't leaving the world in better shape than you found it, what exactly are you doing? 

If you believe, as we do, that values such as fairness, accountability, transparency, and environmental sustainability are important, join us as we make a (hot) toast to the businesses and organisations that care about making the world a better place.

Each time you buy a Black Mamba product, you are supporting our efforts to improve the livelihood of our employees and the farmers we work with, as well as our quest for a greener planet. It is amazing how far a fair trade purchase can go!

So while we celebrate Fair Trade, we also celebrate YOU, the amazing chilliheads and ethical foodies who make all of this possible.



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