What is Black Mamba’s Secret Sauce?

What are the things that set you apart? 

This is a very important question every business owner should ask themselves regularly. After all, if your products and vibe are exactly the same as those of your competitors, what's the point? If everything is just a copy, there's no point. 

At Black Mamba, our secret sauce - the thing that sets us apart - is made up of four very important ingredients. This includes: 

1. A beautiful bowlful of far-flung heritage

What do you get when you mix a Colombian with itchy feet and big dreams of changing the world, with an amazingly creative Swati who is obsessed with chillies? Aside from what we believe to be the only two Colombian/Swati children in the world, you get a secret combination of Swati soul with Latino flair!

2. Amazing, ethical ingredients

At Black Mamba, we count ourselves fortunate to work with Swati smallholders who have been trained in permaculture through our partnership with Eswatini NGO Guba. These growers supply us with organically grown ingredients that we use in all of our chilli sauces, jams, chutneys and pestos. 

This provides them with a sustainable income, as well as knowledge of regenerative agriculture that they share with their communities to boost food security and community resilience. 

Additionally, it's good for the planet because the farming methods used make good use of water resources, and improve biodiversity. It also gives us peace of mind that we are using ingredients without nasties. There is nothing better than local, natural, fresh ingredients!

3. The best team of makers EVER

The team of (mostly) women working for us at Black Mamba are some of the most passionate, innovative individuals you are ever likely to meet. They take such pride in their work, and without their support, our business would not be where it is today. Many of them are the breadwinners of their extended families, and their dedication to their work and communities is something truly special to behold. 

4. An ever-shrinking ecological footprint

We are constantly looking for ways to decrease our ecological footprint. By working with Guba, we are already able to redistribute our offcuts to the farms, where it is fed to animals. We also take great care to use biodegradable and widely recyclable packaging for all our products. Our aim is to continue on this journey of sustainability to step ever more lightly on the earth. 

The result of these four ingredients, when combined? Sauces that taste good, look good, and do good! Now that's what we call #secretsauce! 

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