The Ultimate List of Braai Hacks Vol. 1

Here are the hottest hacks we received from our community of ethical foodies and braai enthusiasts – put them to good use around the coals!

Adding flavour to your flame foods

  • Add Worcestershire Sauce to your meat marinade it adds to the flavour of any meat!
    ~ Crystal Amon 

  • Secret: Marinate your meat overnight this allows for the marinade to soak into the meat making it filled with aroma flavour, taste succulent and tender when braaied.
    ~ Anu Naidoo

  • Hubby’s secret ingredient is lemon juice rosemary and Worcestershire sauce, oh wow your meat is always so tender and juicy
    ~ Erica Van Der Merwe

  • Spice your meat before your start braaiing. Giving your meat and spice time to rest and absorb the flavour.I make an absolutely delicious marinade. (See recipe) I rub it all over the meat when nearly completely cooked. It just makes it so sticky, juicy and absolutely delicious.

    Recipe for marinade: 1 small onion chopped finely, garlic glove grated, 3 table spoons of Apricot Chutney, 1 tablespoon of Thick Soya Sauce, 1 x table spoon of honey and the zest and juice of a lemon. 😋🤤

    When braaiing a whole fish. Add fresh thyme and slices of lemon to the grid then add the fish on top. Adds flavour and helps that the fish doesn't get stuck on the grid.🍋🐟

    When making Pork add 100% apple juice with fresh lemon to a spray bottle and injection. Add this mixture to the pork for the best tasting pork. Plus it makes the pork super tender!
    ~ Natasha Bezuidenhout 

  • Cut up some red onions into slices and throw them on the fire before you get ready to braai. The aroma will get bellies grumbling in no time. 
    ~ Wayne Lamprecht


NOT to do’s 

  • Do not poke you meat when braaiing - it will lose all its juiciness and end up dry.
    ~ Melantheran Samuel Naidoo
  • Avoid turning the meat often as this will help seal all the marinade in the meat and keep it full of taste; and as you’re braaiing the meat, spray pure apple juice over it to improve colour, flavour, and tenderness.
    ~ Sha Chetty 


Interesting recipes to try

  • Take two oven pizza bases, smear cream cheese on the top of one and place the other pizza face down on top of it (you can put a range of toppings in here: mushrooms, peppadews, peppers, a variety of sauces and turn it into a seriously tasty treat) to form a large calzone. Braai over low coals and you’ve got yourself a braai pizza pie.
    ~ Lishon Bland
  • For a delicious dessert on the braai that the kids & adults will love, wrap a sugar cone in tin foil and fill it with a selection of marshmallows, chocolates, and berries. Close up the foil and pop the cone on the coals. Or go for a full-on dessert braaibroodjie: sweeten it up with chocolate spread, sliced banana and marshmallows.
    ~ Liza-Mari Cloete
  • Butter too hard to spread on your braaibroodjie? Use mayo to coat the outside so it doesn’t burn. It’s much easier to spread and tastes good too!
    ~ Leonora Chivell


Braai like a Pro

  • Hack: To prevent meat from sticking on the grill. Dip a paper towel in cooking oil and rub over the grill.
    ~ Anu Naidoo

  • Limit smoke by placing a fireproof container filled with water next to the coals. As the liquid boils, the steam helps to contain the smoke, AND FINALLY, tell somebody else what a great braai master they are… then sit back and let them do all the work. 
    ~ Irene Slabbert
  • My braai hack is to always rub your braai stand with lemon before you braai your meat; that’s the best non-stick ever!
    ~ BhelekuboniLanga
  • Always add your grid to the fire to heat and kill germs. Then clean your grid with newspaper and put it back on the fire. Then rub the whole grid down with a raw onion. 
    ~ Natasha Bezuidenhout
  • Dip your sausage in water before braaiing to prevent it from drying out and you get a delicious succulent juicy sausage.
    ~ Deena Padayachee
  • My braai hack is if you can keep your hands over the burning coals and count up to ten seconds then your coals are ready for the meat.
    ~ Dazzling Donne 
  • Sit back and enjoy the glass of wine when your sons are old enough to braai for you and are absolute chilli heads. Come on summer!
    ~ Debbie Cutting
  • This may sound strange, but ice cubes help to bake the perfect hamburger! If you want to prevent the hamburger from drying out, place ice cubes on top of the burger and grill it like that. 
    ~ Riekie Brand
  • Wrap sage or rosemary in foil, poke holes in it and leave on the fire to smoke and keep bugs and mosquitoes away. 
    ~ Carol-Ann Jewel


Get the Fire Started

  • If your wood is wet don't stress sprinkle plain white sugar on it and add firelighters and voila your fire will be burning!
    ~ Andrea AntzGeldenhuis

  • I make homemade fire lighters using old egg cartons, used tea bags and old candles. These make great smoke-free firelighters.
    ~ Yasmeen Ibrahim 

  • Light up your braai with tortilla-style chips! These are great for starting your fire. Simply place the chips on your charcoal and light them up!
    ~ BONUS TIP from the Black Mamba Team


The Basic Braai Commandments 

  1. Make sure you have meats appropriate for braai, e.g. T-bone, tender meats, sausage, chicken etc. Meat that has too many bones, etc. won't be good for braai.
  2. Marinate your meat (overnight is the best to make it more delicious). If it is not possible to marinate overnight, you can use lemon juice to make it tender and juicy. 
  3. If using firewood, start the fire ahead of time before braaiing to have the perfect heat setting.
  4. If using bagged charcoal make sure you have fire lighters handy.
  5. When braaiing have a little water in cup handy to make sure meat doesn’t burn.
  6. Above all the most important tip is to braai with family and friends with some beverages on the side and hearts full of happiness. That makes the perfect braai.

 ~ Nemz Cynthia

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