Black Mamba slithers to Food Lovers Market in South Africa!

This year we have managed to successfully achieve our first national listing in South Africa with Food Lovers Market! We couldn’t be prouder to be associated with an amazing retail brand that shares our values of sustainability and good food. Look for a selection of our chilli venoms and our basil & cayenne pesto in the health section of more than 80 Food Lovers Market stores in SA: this is a great spot for foods that are made with organically grown ingredients and that love health: not only for us, but also for the planet.

The heat wave keeps on progressing as well around the world! We are happy to have our hot goodies available for chilliheads in South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, the UK, Germany, the US, Norway, Czech Republic, and even as far as Taiwan and Hong Kong! and more recently in Namibia and Botswana. Find out where your closest chilli den is located here

(disclosure: *this is the only global warming we support, as we continue to strive to care and protect our planet in everything we do!)

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