I purchased a bottle of Kingdom Cobra in Swaziland a few months ago. This sauce is good on everything, bread, meat in marinade, I marinated chicken legs in and bake them on a barbeque and it was truly a feast!  – Chris Koomen, Holland

I bought a bottle of Black Mamba Chilli Sauce on a market next to my town and I was blown away! I had never tasted such a fruity, spicy good chilli sauce in my life! – Jan Jacobi, Germany

I tried all your sauces and they are amazing! – Holly Siddons, South Africa

My congratulations to such a brilliant idea and many thanks for one of the best hot sauces I’ve ever tried! – Stephanie Walter, SA

I first tasted your chilli sauce when I was visiting Swaziland last year in March. I brought 2 bottles back to England with me. I had a couple more bottle s brought over for me by family, but my supplies are running low. I have recently tasted your King Cobra sauce which is very nice, but the flavour of the Black Mamba is definitely in my top 5 sauces ever! – I eat a lot of chilli sauce – James Bagnall, UK