How a tale of young love blossomed into an international food brand, the first Swazi-Colombian baby in history and economic empowerment for dozens of Swazi families!

Chilli Love

My husband and I started Black Mamba for the simple reason that we were nuts about chillies! But we soon learnt that they’re an amazing way to empower people and planet too.

Joe was born in Swaziland and I was born in Colombia, so we both had the tropical temperatures of the Southern Hemisphere in our blood. When he told me about the chilli sauce he’d made in his kitchen, I couldn’t wait to try it!


Positive Growth

After remixing the recipe with a dash of Latino flavour, we launched our first bottles of Black Mamba at a local arts festival in 2010. All 400 bottles sold out right away and within months we went from employing one woman to stir a pot on our patio, to having our own workshop, and today, a FSSC22000-certified factory.

We’re passionate about uplifting Swazi women and their families and now work with 60 women (and men), providing them with a sustainable income, to help them improve their lives. We also now have a hot young thing of our own – Black Mamba’s future CEO! (Chilli Enthusiasm Officer)


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a cult brand, connecting chilliheads across the world to generations of growers, providing proof that people and planet matter!