Taste those fresh chilli flavours in our sauces? You can thank Thandi for that. And Zanele. And all the small farmers who grow delicious organic chillies for Black Mamba, who make it so dangerously tasty!

Organically grown

We believe passionately in sustainable farming and (thanks to seed funding from World Vision) we’ve partnered with Guba. They train small local growers (mainly women) in organic farming and permaculture and we buy their delicious, fresh produce – empowering every grower with a fair trade income! (Now that’s what we call a HOT deal!)


Community benefit

Most of our growers are ‘gogos’ with sole responsibility for their grandchildren. Thanks to their hard work, they are overcoming the challenges of HIV, drought and poverty to write a new story for the future.

Even better, each grower shares their new organic farming knowledge with at least 10 other growers in their community, helping to promote sustainability and improve the soil fertility of Swaziland’s beautiful Kingdom.


Sustainable futures

We love working with these amazing women! (And men!) They inspire us to keep growing bigger and better, so we can touch more lives, while at the same time helping to preserve this wonderful planet for the next generation.