We know what you’re thinking… How can something as indulgent as a delicious little bottle of Black Mamba change this big, ol’, complicated world of ours? Hear us out!

All our ingredients are sustainably sourced

We partner with local growers to lovingly grow each ingredient for our dangerously tasty products. First, we train them in organic farming and permaculture, empowering them with new skills that will not only improve their lives, but the life of our planet. Then we visit them at home to collect their garden’s fresh, organic produce, making sure they have seeds for the next season. By sourcing our ingredients in this way, not only do we get crates of crisp, organic chillies and fresh bundles of basil and coriander that make our products taste delicious, but by eliminating synthetic fertilizers the fertility of the soil improves, creating a healthier environment for everyone. Better still, on average our growers share their new skills with up to 10 neighbours, creating a positive ripple effect that can improve the health of the nation – one garden at a time.


Empowering women!

We believe in equality for all and our model is designed to create sustainable employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups, including women. The majority of our growers are women in fact, who nurture delicious, fresh chillies in their own gardens – earning a fair trade income without having to leave their children, grandchildren or communities. Empowering women is proven to be the most powerful way to progress nations, reduce poverty and improve outcomes for the next generation, as women in developing economies invest 90% of their income back into their families, compared to only 35% for men. Just look at Rwanda, which has more women in its parliament than any country in the world! Under their leadership, a once-troubled nation has bounced back with amazing success. All of our staff at our HEATquarters are women too and every Black Mamba product you buy is made with their tender, loving care.


Chillies are good for you!

Did you know chillies contain up to five times the vitamin C of an orange? They’re also great for aiding digestion, fighting trapped sinuses and relieving migraines, muscle, joint and nerve pain. In addition, there’s evidence that chillies may help to lower high blood pressure, as well as blood sugar levels for those living with diabetes. Several studies have also found that chilli may assist in the treatment of lung, prostate cancer and leukaemia. For those who can’t handle the heat, you can even get chilli (capsicum) supplements! What’s more, chillies are a great source of vitamins A, E, beta-carotene, folic acid and potassium – and can potentially aid weight loss too!

So you see, there’s a whole load of superpowers squeezed into those little bottles! The more we sell, the greater the social impact.

We believe chilli sauce can change the world. You help us do that, every time you buy one of our products.