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Greener than jalapeños

Think outside the box

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Sustainability is at the heart of all we do here at Black Mamba in Swaziland – from how we grow our chillies, to how we pack our products!

So we LOVE our new packing tape, which is not only made of 100% recycled paper, but is completely biodegradable! (It will make our boxes pretty too!)

Black Mamba: tastes good, looks good, does good.  That’s our HOT promise.

To find out more about what makes us green (apart from our jalapeños!) click here.

Fresh & fair trade

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We’re proud to be providing a fair trade income to our chilli growers and are now reaching even more organic farmers, thanks to our partnership with Guba.

Every year, Guba trains dozens of Swazi farmers in our community in the principles of permaculture and organic farming and we buy the fresh produce from their thriving kitchen gardens.

That means that every chilli included in our products has been hand-reared with tender love and care. And you can taste the difference!

We believe our chillies can change the world! To find out more, click here.