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Coconut Chicken Curry a la Mamba - Black Mamba Chilli

Coconut Chicken Curry a la Mamba

By 29th November 2016Recipes

When you’re craving comfort food and a slow release of heat, nothing better than what is concocting in our kitchen this week! Easy and delicious. And of course, guaranteed to warm you up with a generous dose of chilli venoms!

Brought to you by the talented South African chillihead Emma Olivier 🙂


4 deboned pieces of chicken

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

1 onion

2 carrots (peeled)

A handful of broccoli

1 tin of Coconut cream (400gr)



Masala Powder (1 table spoon)

Curry powder (3 table spoons)

Black Mamba Pineapple Chilli Sauce OR Black Mamba Chipotle Chilli Sauce

1 cup of Basmati rice

Serves 2 people


Chop the chicken into bite size pieces and fry in a pan with a teaspoon of oil and a tablespoon of masala powder.

In the meantime start preparing some steamy rice following the cooking instructions in the pack.

While the chicken is browning, chop up the onion, carrots, broccoli, green and red peppers into small pieces. You can pick between fresh ginger and garlic or a bottled mixture and add as much as desired to the chicken. Then add in the chopped veggies and mix all together. Add in the coconut cream, three tablespoons of curry powder and leave to simmer for 10-15 minutes. If desired, you can add in baby potatoes (pre-cooked).

The finishing touch will be adding your Black Mamba Pineapple Chilli Sauce for a tropical flavour or your Black Mamba Chipotle Chilli Sauce if you’re in the mood for a smoky flavour instead. Cook for an additional 5 minutes before serving up the meal with some steamed rice.

Sit back, relax and feel the HEAT take over!

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