Slither into our new snake den at Swazi Candles!

Watch out #chilliheads of Swaziland! There’s a Black Mamba on the loose & it’s made it’s den at Swazi Candles Craft Centre!

That’s right, we’ve just opened our sssecond Swaziland shop, this time in Malkerns Valley (and just a slither away from some great B&Bs, for #chilliheads from afar!)

With so many dangerously tasty products inside, we had to case our new den in a custom metal skin!

Step inside & be charmed by our deadly selection of Chilli Venoms®, plus new t-shirts & accessories for our ssserious #chilliheads!

Our new #HOTspot is open everyday from 8-5. Swazi Candles Craft Centre, Malkerns M204, Swaziland

Enter if you dare!

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